Bicycle thieves- what it evoked in me

After long had received a FB post on top 10 movies which an art lover must watch.

Most in the list fortunately i had chance to set my eyes on not once but many times. before proceeding further i would wish to say how enriching a overseas education could be, one among many is a rich information at University library.

Any Indian UG pursuing student must judge a university by its resources especially library. The college i studied had a superb video library which included movies which as a normal Madras guy of early 2000 would never ever hear of. Some of movies got me thinking, 'can we make a movie like this? could the director think so wildly?, Has he gone mad to take such a subject?' 'is this right or is this allowed?' The variety and genres in which the creative space stretched is actually huge. It must be more fun watching those during that time to feel and live the moments. In Rashomon the characters picturisation and the slowness is profound. i never felt like moving …

Tales of a Woman's Love and self determination

Woman is a beautiful creation for a man if he has his heart in his mouth and all blood rushes to the progeny organ and mind is still wondering what a creature she is??????? but apart from lascivious thoughts one does not go beyond logic to be grounded by this beautiful creation.

this is fine when a person in question is longing to just get his sperm flying into his beloved pathway not just anyone but the chosen one. he is literally smitten and bitten by the cupid bug. 

As days go by the urge peaks, but sense does prevail when the person in question stomps the foot down to say things which would definitely get the adrenaline rush gushing back into its pump.

what the love subject says is, time does come before which none gets the cake. wow what a timetable for a horse raring to break free from its old rusty stables.

now listening to this highly enlightened talk right in the foot step of Kama deva's mansion one feels like a cruel joke being played on you. 

But later better sense prevails …

Colours AND Sights of Rajasthan

It was decided that we shall explore with minimum comfort levels as would a wandering couple would indulge in explorations; alas we booked BhagatKiKoti Train from Mannargudi and were happy to spot a bio toilet and regular cleaning of compartments all the way till Jaipur. 
Seriously getting Biotiolets and regularly cleaned coaches is no big deal if presumed; trains enroute from Jaipur to other Rajasthan cities did not fare even to minimum standards of hygiene let alone broken toilet window glass left comfortably on the side of commode. So Bhagat Ki Koti looked like simple luxury.
So after boarding BhagatKiKoti in the pink of winter (not having foreseen how cold North India would be) we felt pleasant and bewildered by our Northern counterparts Travel manners. I am to myself in disposition and not a guy to concede a inch beyond given to me or booked by me. Northern cousins would blissfully pack little remaining space with their luggage and also pack their journey loaded with delicious food…

2018 holds promise for Thamizhlan

It's been a tumultuous year minus nature's fury except for missing fishermen of Kanyakumari district due to Cyclone Ockhi. the exception meant destruction caused on land.

Cyclone Ockhi was ferocious enough to scare a humble fishermen but the lackadaisical authorities continue to play truant on the issue.

i am more concerned about Tamilnadu than rest of India, because Tamilnadu and few other Non Hindi speaking states are thrown a challenge called Saffronisation. Until now i am still not convinced how much this saffron party's surge will affect our daily life including the fabric of society.

Yes sporadic disturbing incidents occurred across BJP ruled states which is hard to explain, given their brute majority in most states they oath to maintain law and order with utmost sincerity yet they continue to go behind non hindus in name of cow, movies, customs, and way of life.

Now back to Tamilnadu, with end of Jayalalitha and near curtains down on Karunanidhi, Tamilnadu politics is i…

Mysskin's VISHAL

Mysskin lived upto his reputation for his suspense and glorified crime MUST SEE thrillers.

Kaniyan Poongundran a cool volatile Namma Oru Detective............................

the other major plus point which adds shine to his creation is Vishal, true to his talent and sober demeanour he has done a fantastic job as the THUPPARIVAALAN.

the best things about the movie is the suspense factor and ease of the characters essaying roles be it ace director Bagyaraj, Simran (cameo though), John Vijay and Vinay. Music was good not overdone.The plot and Vishal's VISHAL performance has given this movie a big push. Vishal's earlier ventures were more bravado kind of joker movies which are difficult to digest or even imagine bashing villains and flying vehicles in today's world. The plot is intelligent not impossible and next the characterisation of Vishal as an eccentric detective. the stitching of plot is great handiwork which makes the movie pacy and interesting.

The heroine has been…

Chinese checkers and Indian Langota

I am pained and disturbed as i am writing this to showcase my utmost anger at our inept handling or even issuing demarche to Chinese Government over its belligerent and condescending behaviour towards our army personnel.

It infuriates me further that Modi had the bravest notion yet dumbest by all standards to have hosted a red carpet reception in September 2014 to President Xi.

One wonders what face saving act he is going to do when he meets him in Germany.

Atleast let the political establishment make it clear that all is well, they kick us, beat us and abuse us and we just do salaam Bhaiyya and walk back with our backs painted black.

Modi need not be a harvard history expert to say China's Imperial ambitions are new and their activities come under misadventure.

The long mutually agreed boundaries stand good after many years, if India is aggrieved they must take a concrete actions to alleviate the constant brickbat.

India is no Pushover lets make it clear, we are bravest of men g…

Baahubali- Spectacular Indian story telling

Most of the talk will centre around 'Never Before' 'Ever Seen' kind of ommphisms actually i just could not let my gaze go a moment towards distracting kids behind my seat or the romantic glances of my wife at theater.
The entire movie showed just what a dream would become of Rajamouli. This man has showed artists to dream BIG and work with resources in hand to show your BIG DREAMS. 
His earlier movies are no less mean but fantastic in those leagues in terms of effort and visualization. This movie by far can be termed Mother of 21st Century Movie for its sheer class in use of Technology and state of art Visualization graphics. 
I am not dumb to see real animals on the scale of 20th century era movies and feel astonished, with present day sensibilities towards animals and related restrictions his use of Nativity in animals and surroundings actually takes this movie a notch up as a reference work for future aspiring dreamers.
Rajamouli is not a motor mouth; this quality makes…